Meet the founder & designer of SVE Jewels:
A brand of skin friendly hypoallergenic jewelry was founded by Svetlana Leonchuk whose name gave the name to the brand's name. Your handcrafted pieces will feel comfortable 24/7 and never turn green or tarnish - as they are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel with a real 18 karat gold coat! We follow the latest trends and sometimes even set them!

There is a personal story behind our brand. A story of how, step by step, on her own skin, Svetlana was discovering that metals can cause irritation, especially in hot weather, and the story of how she has discovered, without giving away an arm and a leg, that the best solution would be a steel jewelry with irresistible gold plating.

Style Choices:
We love fashion, and went through all stages of it, including punk, but finally came to a conclusion that classic is classy and stays forever. It also fits quite well to almost every situation in life! Add to it a possibility to wear your jewelry piece for a long time with no slightest discomfort, and voila! you found your best ever companion.